Okay, first interview back on my email box! As doing live-interviews in english can be quite complicated for me to transcribe sometimes or to respond to the answers and bring back memories… (if they’re still fresh, even now!) I decided to send some questions to bands that I recently met. So, if you haven’t already read the previous articles you can follow two links at the end of this interview to know more about the band, watch some video tour diaries and read a live-report. In short, they’re from Sweden and a ‘should-listen-to’ for all Action Punk / Speed Rock fan ! And a new tour is coming …

Live, Trollhättan | Pic by Robin Banks
Live, Trollhättan | Pic by Robin Banks

First and last EP : august 2014!? Heeey, what and when are you doin’ next ? Ahah, any plan?

Haha, we are really bad at plans. Usually we just come up with something over a few (or many) beers and if it turns out to be a good idea we try to stick with it. We will record new songs later this year.


So, just a demo recorded but you already toured in Eastern Europe, Spain, Sweden of course and, good newz, new gigs are coming soon ! What are your best memories? Any anecdotes? 

Recently Dennis lost his bass guitar somewhere on the way home from the venue after our show. A lady emailed us the day after and said she found it on a bus stop.


From one point to another, where have you done the most kilometers with the van?

One time we drove non stop from Prague home to Gothenburg. It was 1100 kilometers. The max speed in our shitty van is 90km/h to it took us 19 hours.


Any strange food in the catering ? Or special alcohol in any countries?

We had pig ears in Medina del Campo, Spain. Tasted like dead pig. All alcohol is special to us but once we had liquid breakfast in Prague at an absinth bar. It ended up with only one of us carrying most of the gear to the place.

Pic by Jennika Photography

… What about weird or cool people in the crowd?

We have played a lot in Germany where everyone is weird, especially the singer in INBREEDING CLAN, a band we played with in Hamburg. He had a one peice with his dick hanging out all night.


In december you played for a Tribute night to Lemmy Kilmister in Gothenburg, I’m curious about which song(s?) you chose?

We played On Parole, The Hammer and Damage Case. But we rehearsed at least two more MOTÖRHEAD songs before the show. So now we can almost do a whole set with only MOTÖRHEAD songs.


So in april you’ll tour in the UK with THE HIP PRIESTS and BITCH QUEENS, what a killer line-up! Do you guys already know each others? Any other gigs planned?

Killer lineup indeed! We have had alot of contact over the internet and once we drove three hours to watch BITCH QUEENS play, unfortunately we don’t remember anything from that night (as usual). Big cred to THE HIP PRIESTS for putting the UK tour together, gonna be awesome. Yes we have some more shows planned in Germany in and The Netherlands.


Back to Sweden, if you have to name three awesome places or festival to play in? Except Sweden Rock…

We have not played on so many festivals in Sweden, so it’s hard to tell. But there are a lot of good festivals around. Skogsröjet, Krökbacken and Muskelrock are some of the best.


Staying in the north … Like Lou said when we met « Why are you all wearing a cap, you guys come from Sweden : no sun ! It’s freakin cold outta there ! » Ahah, so, if you have to name three of your favorite artists who look good with a cap ? … Or a hat ? A hat is okay too.

We got a lot of sun! Don’t forget that half the year we have daylight 16 hours per day. And in the north it’s daylight 24h per day. Who does not look good in a cap? Nicke Andersson (HELLACOPTERS), Blaine Cartwright (NASHVILLE PUSSY) and Duane Peters (US BOMBS) to mention a few.


What are your three favorite band t-shirts in your closet ?

We are almost always wearing the same old t-shirts. Dennis and Adde are wearing MOTÖRHEAD t-shirts. Max and Max are wearing DYING FOR SOME ACTION t-shirts (legendary Swedish band from Uddevalla) Listen here:

Motörhead Tribute Show | Pic by Cissi Krantz
Motörhead Tribute Show | Pic by Cissi Krantz

Are there some records you grew up with and still consider them as references ?

‘Payin the dues’ and ‘Supershitty to the max’ with THE HELLACOPTERS are two big influences but also ‘Total 13’ with BACKYARD BABIES has helped out alot with our sound.


If I want to do a kind of report of the Gothenburg rock’n roll scene, which bands should I meet for anecdotes ?

Oh, there’s alot of great bands from here. DEADHEADS, HONEYMOON DISEASE, THE KENDOLLS, just to name a few. All great people and we bet they have great anecdotes as well.


To finish, talking about this new year… What do you expect, what are you waitin’ for in the music scene for 2017 ? It can be a new album, a band’s return, a festival, one of your music projects … Ah, and also if you have some projects related to music or other Arts, let’s promote them here !

We’re really psyched about the lineup at Sjock Festival, including top acts such as THE HELLACOPTERS, ZEKE and THE HIP PRIESTS. Hopefully we’ll have the time to go there.


(Talking about that…)



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