SCUMBAG MILLIONAIRE – Video tour diaries and NEW TOUR!

What a cooool band name, eh ? I laughed so much when I saw it some months ago, if you’re curious, impossible to not have a look on their video for « Gotta Move » ! And AGAIN, Sweden give us a great band in a ‘Supershitty to the Max’ mood (What, you don’t know The Hellacopters ? WHAT ?!)


They published three songs on bandcamp here:

And guess what ? You can find more on youtube, including some funny video tour diaries. Being totally related with the blog, Max sent me one of their recent tour in Germany and Czech Republic:


… I don’t know if they’ll play for food on this tour but I’m sure you’ll have a full speed rock’n roll show ! So don’t forget :

Support bands,
Go on gigs,
Buy some merch !

For me I hope that I’ll be in San Sebastian the 29th, so maybe I’ll bring back some anecdotes…

To follow:

Oct 26 – (ES) Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid
Oct 27 – (ES) El Zagal, Aldea San Martin-Valladolid
Oct 28 – (ES) Cafe-Tal, Medina Del Campo-Valladolid
Oct 29 – (ES) Le Bukowski, Donostia
Oct 30 – (ES) Rabba Rabba Hey – Satelite T, Bilbao
Nov 23 – (SWE) Göta Källare, Stockholm
Nov 24 – (SWE) CC Puben, Gävle
Nov 25 – (SWE) Kulturiet, Skövde
Nov 26 – (SWE) Skjul Fyra Sex, Göteborg
Dec 2 – (SWE) Backstage Rockbar, Trollhättan

(In Sweden they play with GRANDE ROYALE, check them too, of course! )



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