[ENG.] One-shot: FRANKIE DELMANE (The Crazy Squeeze, Teenage Frames)

J’ai rencontré Frankie Delmane l’an dernier. Avec Teenage Lust Prod’, THE CRAZY SQUEEZE devait jouer à Paris dans la semaine post-attentat de novembre 2015 … AMBIANCE ! Ce soir-là, déjà deux concerts sont annulés dans la capitale : plus de FOO FIGHTERS ni de MARILYN MANSON (et plus de BACKYARD BABIES le lendemain, le dégoût !). Beaucoup ont préféré rester cloîtrer chez eux, la peur d’une autre bombe sous les pieds prête à péter, les flics étaient partout… Nous n’étions même pas sûrs d’avoir le droit de maintenir la date, ou si le bar allait tout simplement ouvrir ! Par mail, le groupe ne s’est pas dégonflé pas et nous a signifié qu’il était déterminé à être le premier groupe de rock’n roll américain à refoutre les pieds sur une scène parisienne : « We will not run, we will not hide, we will rock n roll to the grave!« . La soirée s’est passée dans une bonne ambiance malgré tout, accompagné des CRASHBIRDS, duo bluesy rock parisien ! En after, ça parlait zic (forcément !) et j’en ai profité pour parler aux mecs de mon blog ; Frankie a été celui à m’avoir renvoyé un histoire par mail.

(Photo de couverture par Guillaume Sellier)

The Crazy Squeeze, Paris novembre 2015
The Crazy Squeeze, Paris novembre 2015

« This if from the most recent tour, a short story of our experience in Italy:

We went to Italy- Milan to be exact, and this turned out to be the single most punk rock event of the tour, restoring my faith in the ability rock n roll has to simply entertain. The venue, Ligeria Bar, was a long basement bar, it’s upstairs filled with amazing posters of classic Italian exploitation films. Our promoter was Miguel Basetta, who was also playing guitar in the first band of the night, TEMPORAL SLUTS- who turned out to be the stars of that evening- we merely closed out the show. Their show was tight, powerful, and well executed- sharp as a tack- a wicked, full throttle punk assault of STOOGES styled rock at twice the speed and triple the anger. The DJs were simply the best of the tour- they spun the rarest of 45s- from glitter to punk and everything connected, it was awe inspiring.

Earlier in the evening we ate some splendid Italian pasta they prepared for us, and unbeknownst to me, the rest of the band plowed through three bottles of wine, in addition to the beer and bottle of Jack Daniels slowly being polished off. Johnny does his usual on stage introduction, blasting out the opening chords to “All Lies”- and then swings back, falling over backwards, right into Ian’s drum kit, nearly crushing the entire thing to death. Most impressive is that Ian does not miss one fucking beat!!! He has literally two drums left and he is on point, not one beat out of place, not one missed hit. The man is a monster!!! More so, Johnny is lying on his back, bloodied but unbowed, his left hand positioned on the stage to hold his balance, his right hand playing the lead lick perfectly, as he raises his guitar to the sky in defiance. Amazing! He jumps up without missing a strum and we finish the damn song beautifully. Whew- all tragedy averted. At this point I’d downed a full glass of whiskey myself, so I was feeling pretty randy and honest. We kept going, the audience with us at times, without us at others- it seems all they wanted was fast and hard, and we had more than that to say. So, once we finished “Something On My Mind”- my homage to SLADE and Tommy James- Johnny yells “Ladies & gentleman- Frankie Delmane!” Pure silence. Oh, fuck you I said to myself- so I turned my back on the audience and ignored them for the entire next song. Fuck em’, I felt- they don’t DESERVE ME! Then Johnny gets pissed at me and yells, the audience starts screaming for one of my songs, and they love me all over again. How fucking punk is that? Oh Boy! The next day was Thanksgiving. We ate some absolutely awesome Italian pizza- way better than Turkey and gravy in my estimation. And in Milan Fucking Italy no less. Now that is something to be grateful for. » – Frankie

The Crazy Squeeze, live à la Mécanique Ondulatoire, Paris, 2015. Pic par Guillaume Sellier.
The Crazy Squeeze, live à la Mécanique Ondulatoire, Paris, 2015. Pic par Guillaume Sellier.

Pour aller plus loin :

  • Frankie s’est lancé en 2015 dans le marathon de pondre une démo par jour en un an ! Pour en savoir plus et les écouter :

http://fasterandlouderblog.blogspot.fr/2015/02/365-days-of-frankie-delmane.html et https://www.youtube.com/user/frankdis

  • A propos des CRAZY SQUEEZE, groupe actuel de Frankie :

« […] The Crazy Squeeze are everything you’d expect and then some. Combining vintage glam wham-bam (New York Dolls, Slade) with straight-up rockin’ punk, their sound is pure raunchy fun with hooks out the wazoo. You know: music for fucking! It’s just got that swagger. Of course Witmer is on fire on guitar, doing the Berry/Thunders thing like he was born for it (because, ya know, he was!). And with the criminally underrated songwriter Delmane involved, you know the songs are gonna be aces. If you like high-energy, sing-along rock n’ roll with ripping guitars and an irresistible backbeat, go straight to “Boys Are Gonna Be Here Soon” and “Out of My Head” and fall in love! Yes, sir! “All Lies” slows the tempo and brings a harder edge, but it proves to be equally great. With a full-length album due out soon, the Crazy Squeeze are poised to be the next big thing in punk rock n’ roll. If you enjoyed the Dolls, Joneses, Loose Lips, or any of these guys’ old bands, it’s time to get on board the Crazy Squeeze bandwagon. Pour yourself a hard drink and shake it! »

http://fasterandlouderblog.blogspot.fr/2011_08_01_archive.html )

Les écouter : https://thecrazysqueeze.bandcamp.com/releases

Les suivre : https://www.facebook.com/thecrazysqueeze/

  • Sur l’excellent SugarBuzz Magazine tu trouveras une biographie et une interview intéressante de Frankie :


  • Et tu peux finir sur une vidéo live des TEENAGE FRAMES, son précédent groupe !

(Cet article va être un nouveau format que je vais appeler les « One-shot« ! Il est possible que j’en fasse d’autres prochainement. Les one-shots ne sont pas une discussion « live », les textes seront donc plus courts et raconteront sûrement une ou deux anecdotes mais ils pourront te faire découvrir des groupes intéressants ! Ces articles sont encore en test … Oui ce blog est flou hahah…)


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